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9001:215 standard 

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Component reject rate


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Saving on cost fulfillment cost


Complaint rate

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Our measuring tools: facts and figures

  • Mitutoyo 3-D projector

  • Zeiss Eclipse CMM 28x40x22 Travel

  • Scheer-Tumico 30x10x50 Optical Comparator

  • Pratt & Whitney 24" Measuring (.00001 Res)

  • Taylor-Hobson/Surtronic 3 Profylometer

  • Keyence 3-D Optical Comparator

  • Wild/Maier M8 50 Res. Stereomicroscope

  • Sylvac Electronic Measuring Sys. (.00001 Res.)

  • Wilson Rockwell Tester

  • Johnson Thread Gaging System

  • Freeland Air Gaging System

  • Various plug and ring thread gages

Double check

Quality control by manufacturer and DMS

At DMS, we prioritize quality control. Our producers conduct regular checks, and all components are measured in our in-house center to ensure they meet required tolerances. Double quality control guarantees high-quality components for our customers.

                                We do not just provide parts.  

                                We provide answer and solution.

What you can expect

Our quality promise!


ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management


Own measurement center at our factory room


Every order including free test certificate


Double quality assurance by suppliers and DMS


Global production with excellent quality


Lowest rejection rate on the market


Consistently delivering high quality with every order, guaranteed.


9 out of 10 customers choose us for unmatched quality

                            We go beyond being a supplier.
                            We are an extension of your success.  

Clearly defined processes

Quality management in DMS measuring center

DMS is committed to providing not only competitive prices and timely delivery but also maintaining excellent quality across all components. With a global network comprising more than 500 manufacturers from 21 countries, we ensure consistent quality through a rigorous selection process for our manufacturers, continuous supplier evaluation, and additional quality control conducted in our in-house measuring center.

Components with satisfaction guarantee

The DMS Quality Management Process


Production and control at the supplier


Measurement of the components in the DMS measuring room


Shipping of the released components

You need certificates

We alwaysprovide measurement report or initial sample test report

At DMS, our dedicated quality control department provides a complimentary test certificate for each order. Additionally, upon request, we can prepare additional documentation such as measurement reports, material test certificates, or initial sample test reports (ISTR).

We always provide QC inspection form 

                                                        Hear from the real MVPs

                                                                                                              Our Customers

Tony Fred, Senior Buyer

Hi Jim, we greatly appreciate the exceptional service provided by you, great good looking CNC parts, which has significantly contributed to the success of our research projects and enabled us to achieve breakthroughs in record time.

Mich Stark, R & D Engineer

Hi Jim, your outstanding service is super impressive. Your great job on our stainless steel bending case makes our espresso coffee grinder added value. It really makes it look nice, super well done.

Aline Turner, SR procurement

We would like to say thank you to you Alice, DMS delivered our parts very fast with excellent quality that is what we are expecting, hopefully you will see our next order very soon, by the way Alice, please say hi to Jennifer for me.   

Iris Joe, Engineering Designer

Dear Alice, Now I can say it is a right decision to move our production from China to DMS, you guys are awesome, all the marine pads looks shinny no scratch founded, it is 8% more expensive compare to China but quality talks, we will keep buying more items from you for sure.    

                             We transform your ideas into reality.