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We do not just provide Parts.

We provide Answer and Solution.  

Choose DMS for a one-stop solution in OEM / ODM metal fabrication. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees top-notch quality, precision engineering, and excellence, making us your go-to partner for all your metal products needs. 


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Our manufacturing processes

We make it possible from prototype to series production!

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Sourcing easier than ever

Perfect components in 3 steps


Get a quote 

Send manufacturing drawing and specify order. You will receive your quote within 48 hours.


Quality control

We find the right manufacturer, monitor production and take care of quality control


Receive components

You receive your quality-tested components including a detailed test certificate.

Guaranteed quality

The best suppliers for guaranteed quality

Only suppliers who meet our high quality requirements,
are allowed to join our network as partners. In addition, we test each component in our own ISO9001 certified measurement center. So quality is guaranteed.

AI-supported matching of suppliers

Selection of suitable producers in seconds

We value quality and expertise over speed and cost, which is why our AI-powered matching algorithm carefully assigns your component requests to partners who possess the right capabilities and production environment. This ensures that you receive customized quotes within 48 hours, tailored specifically to your requirements.

                             We do not just provide parts.  

                             We provide answer and solution.

Procurement can be simple

Where craftsmanship lives

Your sole contract and contact partner for all orders. We handle coordination, manufacturing, surface finishing, component assembly, logistics, and integrated DMS solutions. Experience the convenience of having a single source for your manufacturing and document management needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • One contractual partner for all procurement processes.
  • One contact for all orders.
  • Coordination with international producers.
  • Custom clerance, shipping handling and storage.

Your supply chain under control

From your Idea to series production

Whether your project is small or large, DMS is here to support you. With our extensive range of manufacturing processes and years of production experience, we ensure the success of your project. From the initial prototype to series production, we accompany you along the entire value chain, providing the expertise and resources you need. Trust DMS to bring your project to fruition.

  • Design for Manufacturing Feedback (DFM).
  • Complete assembly of components.
  • Framework agreements for stable purchasing conditions.
  • Large series in injection molding and die casting.
  • Finishing and special coatings.

100% Digital

Transparency through digital workflow management

Instant Digital Access: Simplified Orders, Updates, and Certificates.
Enjoy the ease of instant digital access for orders, updates, and certificates. Our streamlined processes and commitment to digital workflows make your job easier while reducing costs. For any inquiries, our team is readily available by phone.

  • Customer portal for order processing. 
  • View order status at any time.
  • 100% digital processes in order processing. 
  • Always personally available for you.

When you need to get parts urgent

Express production from 72 hours

Rapid CNC Delivery: Ready in 72 Hours.
Need quick turnaround? We deliver your CNC order within 72 hours, ensuring it's ready for immediate use in your yard or your customer's site. Count on our speedy and efficient CNC solutions.

Our categories

We manufacture parts used in various sectors and applications.

What we manufacturer

Sample components

Components with satisfaction guarantee 

DMS Quality Management Process

Production and control at the supplier

Measurement of the components in the DMS QC center

Shipping of the released components