Hammer Ahead with DMS: Enjoy Every Ride  

We handle the work, you have fun with friends.

At DMS we don't settle for the norm; we redefine it. Crafting for champions and enthusiasts alike, our components blend Alloy 6061 and 7075 for durability and lightweight design, including hard anodizing aluminum bent hand guards, suspension fork caps, and a multitude of other bike-related parts.

Precision Performance:

Our precision CNC machining guarantees more than a ride; it's an experience. Whether navigating city streets on a bicycle or feeling the thrill of a motorcycle on the open road, DMS ensures seamless performance. Frames, wheel hubs, and even custom precision exhaust pipes, welded from stainless steel 303, 304, 316, bear the mark of our excellence.

Certified Craftsmanship:

ISO certification and AWS-Certified Welding credentials solidify our commitment to quality. Safety and excitement unite in every DMS part, engineered for both the demands of a bicycle trail and the challenges of a motorcycle track.

Surface Finish for Protection:

Our dedication extends to surface finishes. Hard anodizing enhances components with sun protection, safeguarding your ride against the elements and ensuring enduring quality.

Carbon Fiber Innovation:

Carbon fiber mastery is our trump card. Elevate agility and grace with carbon fiber handlebars, fairings, and exhaust pipes, redefining lightweight power for both bicycles and motorcycles.

Customization Redefined:

DMS is your partner in realizing dreams, whether they involve bicycles or motorcycles. Our customized CNC turning, milling, and vacuum forming carbon fiber solutions are pathways to elevating your riding experience. Handlebars and stems enhance shock absorption, reducing fatigue during rides. Customization: CNC milling ensures precise shapes for specific bike geometries.

Choose DMS:

From tailor-made machined and cast pedals and bicycle components to meticulously crafted forged brake calipers, engine covers, custom exhaust pipes, and the marvels of vacuum-formed carbon fiber for both bicycles and motorcycles parts – DMS delivers. We empower riders to become experts, fueled by your fervor for open-road adventures and exhilarating rides. Elevate your journey with DMS, where excellence converges with every ride.

DMS CNC Machining Components for Dirt Bike and Bicycles