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We produce your rod holder racks to let you catch more fish.

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At DMS we're not just about meeting industry standards, we are about surpassing them. Our commitment to excellence shines in every marine and boat part we craft, whether you're a seasoned sailor or a passionate boater. Built on precision engineering and cutting-edge innovation, DMS components redefine the possibilities in the world of maritime exploration.

Precision Craftsmanship for Uncharted Waters

We offer an unparalleled maritime experience through advanced CNC pipe bending. From reliable components reinforced by ISO certification to innovative use of resilient materials like 303, or 316 stainless steel, our marine parts ensure durability, safety, and environmental responsibility. 

Certified Craftsmanship
Whether you're in need of essential marine parts like propellers and engine components or seeking reliable boat accessories, our comprehensive selection covers everything from marine electronics to boat hardware, including fishing rod holder rack and aluminum pads.

Surface Finish for Protection
Our dedication extends to surface finishes. Hard anodizing enhances components with sun protection, safeguarding your ride against the elements and ensuring enduring quality.

Customization Redefined
Explore our marine supplies, including marine spare parts, boat accessories, nautical equipment, yacht components, boat engine parts, marine hardware, propellers for boats, marine electronics, boat maintenance supplies, marine navigation equipment, sailboat rigging, anchor systems, boat lighting, marine safety equipment, boat plumbing parts, marine upholstery, fishing rod holders, marine pumps, boat steering systems, and marine electrical components, to ensure top-notch boat maintenance and enhance your fishing and nautical experience.

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With customization tailored to your nautical dreams, embark on a maritime odyssey where DMS isn't just a supplier but the designer of your narrative. Set sail with us, where every part crafted is a step towards a perfected maritime journey. .