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Our engineering background simple your work.

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Precision manufacturer skill  

Our advanced CNC machining doesn't just promise quality – it ensures agricultural superiority. From the furrows of plowed fields to the demands of harvesting, our components ensure seamless field performance. Yet, our expertise goes beyond the surface. From tractor components like the gas front gear and holder front and rear, to specialized parts such as the case front axle and power tiller frame, We are your path to agricultural successful.

Quality That Nurtures:

DMS doesn't just provide – we nurture. ISO certification and AWS-Certified Welding credentials underscore our commitment to quality. Every part we made withstands rigorous criteria, ensuring your agricultural journey is both productive and secure. Whether you're tending crops or managing livestock, we stands by your side.

Forging Ahead with Excellence:

Our pursuit of quality encompasses hot and cold forged components. Precision and super strong steel such as chrome - molybdenum steel 4140, 4130 material unite in most of component, especially, dirt dig blade, enhancing agricultural efficiency and durability. As you cultivate the land, our components endure, a testament to unwavering quality.

We custom produce for Your Needs:

DMS transcends traditional roles as a mere supplier of agricultural components – we emerge as your dedicated partner in realizing your agricultural aspirations. Our expertise shines through in CNC machining and advanced material integration, enabling unparalleled customization. From intricate machinery components like gas front gear holders to pioneering solutions like power tiller frames, we're here to breathe life into your agricultural vision. Our offerings span across Harvesting Equipment Parts, Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicators, Irrigation Systems with pipes, valves, pumps, and sprinklers, ensuring accurate and even distribution. With us, your agricultural endeavors reach new heights of precision and innovation.

Your Agricultural Odyssey:

Picture a tractor adorned with precision components that amplify performance. Envision irrigation systems designed for optimal resource management. Imagine hot and cold forged components seamlessly integrated, with AWS-Certified Welding ensuring structural integrity.