Metal Accessories and Fabrication for Automotive and Public Transportation Equipment with DMS   

Our rocket-speed expertise ensures your work pays off.

DMS goes beyond the ordinary, crafting metal accessories that redefine excellence. Our dedication is evident in every piece, from punch-cut metal parts to welded pipes. Precision engineering and innovative fabrication drive our work, offering limitless possibilities.

Precision Craftsmanship for Versatility:

Our advanced CNC machining ensures superior performance in various applications. Whether punch-cut metal parts, precision welding, or rubber suspension plates, DMS excels. Our expertise adapts to your needs, making us your choice for precision metalwork.

Quality and Reliability:

DMS stands for quality, certified by ISO and AWS-Certified Welding. Each component meets rigorous standards, ensuring dependable performance. From small accessories to complex pipe bending, DMS is your trusted partner.

Work with Expertise:

Dedicated to excellence, we prioritize precision forged components that elevate strength and endurance. From bending pipes to integrating metal parts, our craftsmanship stands resilient against rigorous tests. Our expertise extends across various areas, including Braking System Parts like brake calipers and rotors, Suspension and Steering Components such as shocks, struts, and tie rods, and Engine Components like pistons, cylinders, valves, camshafts, and crankshafts. Through meticulous design and manufacturing, we ensure that our parts contribute to superior performance, safety, and reliability.

Customization Tailored for You:

DMS goes beyond mere fabrication; we're your collaborative partner in transforming ideas into reality. Customization flourishes through our CNC machining and material mastery. We're dedicated to breathing life into your designs, whether through intricate accessories, rubber suspension plates, durable steel 1045 bushings and housings – all exemplary offerings. And, of course, intricate stainless steel 304 pipe bending, configured for transportation interior installations, exemplifies our versatility.

Your Vision Perfected:

Imagine structures adorned with DMS precision metalwork. Envision flawlessly bent pipes, seamlessly integrated metal parts, and rubber suspension plates complementing the design. Our components stand strong, with ISO -Certified Welding ensuring structural integrity.

Work together with DMS:

From punch-cut metal parts to welded pipes and more, DMS delivers excellence. Elevate your projects with components designed for perfection. Reach out to us today and embark on a journey defined by innovation, precision, and your passion for exceptional metalwork. Your vision – buy from DMS.