Parts packing

22 May, 2024

Espresso tamping station

Today let us talk about something more interesting, how we manufacturer tamping station. most of high end tamping station are made by stainless steel almost 90%. that is because stainless steel that is because it will not get rust, but some do get rust like 4 series, 420 or 430 that is because higher % of the carbon inside. here are the stainless steel specification.

When we do this parts, we first buy the right thickness of brushed material and we laser cut the outer shape after we create a correct roller and forming die, after we shape the part, we laser weld the side wall, after we grinding off the welding mark after we brush the parts again in order to get the brush finish, this process is also going to take care of the sharp edge that might cut fingers of consumers, again this is very important on this item, no any sharp edge allowed, see detail picture below.

Finally, we have to use sand 200 series paper to radius the shape edge by hands because the inside shape edge is not going to be take care by brushing machine, so in this case we have to use hands piece by piece to radius it.

very time consuming job to achieve good high end stainless steel item. need year years of experience, still chasing perfection,